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The Best Of Our Food
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Montfort Mississauga Menu

Cuba Libre
Sex On The Beach
Harvey l Wall Banger
Killer Kool Aid
Fuzzy Navel
Black Russian
Blue Lagoon
Tom Collions
Banana Jack

Appetizers Maza  
  Hummos $6.25
  Tomato salad $6.75
  Bathenjan (Eggplant) Salad $6.95
  Baba Ganosh - BBQ Eggplant $6.95
  Baba Ganosh - BBQ Eggplant with meat $9.25
  Taboule $8.25
  Tomato Feta Plate $7.50
  Hummos With Meat $9.25
  Calamari $10.95
  Falafel Plate $9.50
Assorted Maza  
  Assorted Maza For 1 Person $10.99  (select 4 of the above)
  Assorted Maza For 2 People $18.99   (select 4 of the above)
  Assorted Maza For 4 People $35.50  (select 5 of the above)
Montfort Soups And Salds
  Lentil Soup $4.95
  Kebbeh $10.95
  Fattoush Salad $7.25 (reg) $9.25 (lg)
  Garden Salad $6.25 (reg) $8.50 (lg)
  Greek Salad $7.95 (reg) $9.50 (lg)
  Grilled Chicken Salad $12.95
  Greek Grilled Chicken Salad $14.50
  Grilled Tiger Shrimp Salad $16.50
Mediterranean Specialties Of Montfort
  All Montfort dishes are accompanied by garden salad, three unique sauces, pita bread, and your choice of French fries, homefries, or rice. To substitute greek salad, taboule, or fattoush salad for the garden salad, add $1.50.
  Montfort Chicken Dish $16.95 (reg) $20.95 (lg)
  Chicken Shawarma Dish $15.95 (reg) $19.95 (lg)
  Chicken Souvlaki $16.50 (reg) $20.95 (lg)
  Lamb Shashlik Dish $18.95 (reg) $22.95 (lg)
  Lamb Souvlaki Dish $18.95 (reg) $22.95 (lg)
  Pork Shashlik Dish $15.50 (reg) $18.50 (lg)
  Pork Souvlaki Dish $14.95 (reg) $18.95 (lg)
  Kafta Dish $15.95 (reg) $18.95 (lg)
Mixed Grill
  If you want to impress your friends, or try everything on the menu, this is your best choice. Mixed grill includes Montfort Chicken, Chicken Shawarma, Souvlaki & kafta.
  Serve 1 Person $21.95
  Serve 2 People $39.95
  Serve 4 People $75.95
Steak & Seafood
  10 oz. New York Steak $19.95
  10 oz. Steak & Tiger Shrimp Dinner $22.95
  Grilled Atlantic Salmon Steak $17.95
Vegetarian Sandwiches
  Falafel Sandwich $4.50
  Super Falafel $10.95
  Hummos In a Pita $8.95
  Baba Ganosh In a Pita $8.95
  Eggplant In a Pita $8.95
  All Vegetarian Sandwiches are served with our three famous sauces. To substitute a Greek salad or taboule for the garden salad, add $1.5
Vegetarian Dishes
  Hummos & Falafel $13.50
  Eggplant Dish $13.50
Montfort Pita Bread Specialties
  Pita is the staple bread of the Middle East. Unlike most restaurants which buy their pita bread prebaked from a bakery, Montfort does the final bake fresh on the premises. We proudly offer it as a side to many of our dishes for dipping, as well we stuff it full of a variety of tasty ingredients to create the following popular sandwiches.
  Chicken Shawarma $7.50
  Montfort Chicken $7.95
  Pork Shashlik $6.50
  Lamb Shashlik $9.50
  Kafta $6.50
  Steak In a Pita $9.50
  Steak In a Pita with Cheese $10.50
  Super Shawarma Sandwich $9.50
  Supreme Shawarma Sandwich $11.95
  All Pita Bread Specialties are served with our two famous onion & garlic sauces.
Pita Grilled Cheese
  Served with salad, and your choice of French fries, homefries or rice. To substitute a Greek salad or taboule for the garden salad, add $1.50
  Pita Grilled Cheese $7.95
  Pita Grilled Cheese with Tomatoes $8.50
  Pita Grilled Cheese with Pineapple $8.50
  Vegetarian Pita $8.50
Montfort Pita Burgers
  All Montfort Pita Burgers are hand made patties formed from fresh beef, ground daily with special spices. Served with a mixed salad and your choice of French Fries, homefries or onion rings.
  Pita Burger $8.95
  Cheese Pita Burger $10.50
  Tropical Pita Burger with Pinapple $10.50
Montfort Side Orders
  French Fries $3.50
  Home Fries $3.95
  Onion Rings $3.95
  Rice $3.95
  Extra Cheese $1.00
  Extra Pita $1.00
  Extra Sauce (2oz) $0.95
  Falafel Ball $0.85
Children's Menu
  This menu is for patrons aged 12 years and under.
  Grilled cheese in a pita $5.45
  Pita Burger and French Fries $6.90
  Combo-Hummos with salad $6.90
  Montfort Chicken with salad $7.90
  Mini Souvlaki with salad $7.90
  Chicken Strips with salad $7.90